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3 Ways to Accentuate Your Small Space

While decorating a small space can seem somewhat daunting, if you keep scale and storage in mind, you’ll have room to include some of the latest trends to make your home feel bright, airy, and welcoming.

Balance the Scale

While some stores are dedicated to providing furnishings for small spaces, chances are you’ll find some great pieces you can incorporate into your room in any furniture store. The key to making it all look great is by varying the scale of the pieces so they don’t end up looking like miniature versions of regular-sized furniture. By paring a standard sofa with a foldable bistro table, you’ll be creating interest while maximizing your small space. If you’ve got room for an accent table or a bar, choose something with a see-through glass top to reflect light, as a heavier look can feel closed in.

Sort Out Your Storage

Finding enough storage in a small space can be challenging, so you’ll need to think outside the box. Store seasonal clothes in wheeled under bed containers and add ottomans for both extra seating and storage. If you’ve got room enough for a kitchen table and chairs, consider swapping out some of the seating for bench-type storage. It’s important not to let a small space feel cluttered so utilize vertical bookshelves to accent high ceilings. If you’ve got an unused space, consider what you could fit in there – perhaps a small desk or a storage shelf? Every inch counts in a small space.

Hot Small Space Decorating Trends

Placing a low sofa in your living area gives the illusion of airiness by making the room feel taller, while the lower profile keeps even a larger piece from feeling heavy. Hanging large artwork provides a bold statement in contrast to a sometimes boring gallery wall. Sleek trough-style sinks are trendy in today’s small space bathrooms as they offer enough room for two while creating a trendy vibe. Even if you’re renting your small space, you can switch out an existing light fixture with a chic version and then replace the original before moving out. Inexpensive well-placed mirrors can help a small space look larger and instantly brighter.

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